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Privacy Policy

When the "FinUp" application is installed and used, only Zield GmbH has capacity to access, process, communicate, and use some of customers' personal and confidential data so that the application can operate properly and as intended.

For the general public and prospect customers using the "FinUp" application requires provision of a working email address for authentication and log in. As our communication matures we may ask for the first and last name, contact preference and type of their investment experience (classified as institutional, professional, and retail only), their phone number (provision of which by customers is optional), country of residence, in order to complete their profile in our internal client management system of Zield GmbH and further use this information for marketing purposes. For the existing clients of Zield GmbH wishing to track their actual portfolios of investments, we would not use the "FinUp" application to collect any information about them (as we already possess this information through our asset management activities outside the "FinUp" application and overall financial regulatory obligations) with the exception of our communication history with customers through the chat in the "Zield" application. Customers will communicate with the employees of Zield GmbH via the chat and not with each other. Any user of the "FinUp" application at any point in time can request us to delete any personal data concerned in this privacy policy statement.

Zield GmbH and our subcontractors, if any, shall comply with all legal requirements pertaining to data processing and protection. The personal data concerned include: first and last name, email address for authentication and log in, phone (provision of which by customers is optional), financial assets and portfolios customers decide to track through the "FinUp" application. These personal data will be stored in our client management system internally and used exclusively by the employees of Zield GmbH for the traditional asset management purposes and marketing purposes of financial products. We treat personal data very carefully, use only secure communication channels, and encrypt the data in our internal databases at Zield GmbH.

Zield GmbH treats very carefully data protection. We comply with Swiss data protection legislation as duly-incorporated asset management company in Switzerland. Customers agree that their personal data may be communicated to third parties if necessary to safeguard the legitimate interests of Zield GmbH and its contractual partners for the "FinUp" application. This shall apply, in particular, in instances in which Zield GmbH is required to meet obligations to provide information in the event of a legal dispute.

With this privacy policy statement customers are hereby informed of the extent of the collection, processing, communication, and use of their personal data when they use the "FinUp" application. By proceeding with the installation of the "FinUp" application, customers accept these conditions.

Version updated on 12 October 2021

Privacy policy